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The mission of Analyze Now is to disseminate inexpensive retirement planning tools to educate the user about the realities of retirement planning.


 Analyze Now does not sell or promote any securities.  It has articles by Mr. Hebeler, many of which were published by The Wall Street Journal.  It also has some of the best and most comprehensive retirement planning programs available.  They are now all free. 


  See the numerous Helpful Articles about various aspects of retirement planning and crucial retirement decisions.  Or see answers to questions people Ask Bud About most often.


Try our Computer Programs if you have Excel on your computer.  These are not dumbed-down programs designed to sell products. They address key current issues, particularly those on social security and the decision whether to take a lump-sum or a pension or buy an annuity.


Thinking about how much you should save for retirement, or if retired, how much you can spend this year?  Download our Pre and Post Retirement Planner computer program that does not have the many misleading elements of overly simplified planners you find on most Web sites.


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