About Analyze Now, Inc.

The mission of Analyze Now is to disseminate inexpensive retirement planning tools that accommodate the particular situations of each user and provide a conservative response.

Its goal is to better educate a wide range of people from laymen to professionals about the realities of retirement planning. This includes the development of sound forecasting methods and employment of real world economics in both ordinary and unusual circumstances.

Analyze Now does not sell or promote any securities. It produces and distributes planning papers, booklets, books and software, and supports national publications and authors with research and information for their use in retirement related articles.

Here are some inexpensive references that should suit every need. These are all available at this site and were selected by Henry K. Hebeler, who assists financial journalists in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, Kiplinger’s Personal Financial Planning Magazine, Financial Planning Magazine and other publications.

With three degrees from M.I.T. , and a successful professional career he has devoted the past ten years to evaluating hundreds of publications and beta testing of commercial financial computer programs.