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Consumer Reports rates as one of the three best Web based retirement planning programs and the best for pensions.  (Vanguard and Fidelity were the other two.)


  Market Watch, a publication of The Wall Street Journal, 4/21/11.  “We often hear from readers looking for good calculators—tools that will help simplify retirement finances. Some of the best are at, a website developed by Henry K. (Bud) Hebeler, author of "Getting Started in a Financially Secure Retirement." Here, you can find free programs to help you with Social Security, individual retirement accounts, investments, annuities and (one of our favorites) "Replacement Budgeting." Just because you're retired doesn't mean you can stop saving; this particular program explains how to budget for big-ticket items in later life.”

Glenn Ruffenach, a senior editor at The Wall Street Journal: “Henry K. (Bud) Hebeler, a former top executive at Boeing Co., ...[is] a developer of, one of the best Web sites about retirement finances…”

Kiplinger's Personal Finance:  “Best retirement pundit:  Henry “Bud” Hebeler.  There’s nothing slick or fancy about Hebeler’s Web site (, but he will give you the unvarnished truth about how much you need to save and how much you can afford to spend in retirement.”

Jonathan Pond (Financial author):  Analyze Now’s retirement planning programs are “best in class.”

Right on the Money: " The opinionated, somewhat cranky, financially conservative, and analytically superb ….Hebeler disdains much of what passes for financial planning for retirement. It’s all far too Panglossian for his taste. . . Henry Hebeler, formerly a top executive at the Boeing Company, really knows his stuff." Chris Farrell

Business Week: "The two best new retirement guides are by amateur investors . . .. One, THE INTELLIGENT ASSET ALLOCATOR…by William Bernstein. [The other is] J.K. LASSER’S YOUR WINNING RETIREMENT PLAN (Wiley $16.95), …however, this one is more practical than theoretical…With Hebeler, you get an aerospace engineer’s precision and respect for the downsize risk. Robert Barker

Business Week, "His work is excellent. It’s accurate. . . For clients who are very serious, I turn to his stuff." Patrick Shine  "[I]n my opinion the single best retirement forecaster can be found at  I'm not the only one.  Many others, including Jon Clements at the WSJ, have the same opinion."  Jonathan Pond

Wall Street Journal, Does It Compute?, "’There are many ways in which you can get short-changed’ by relying on some of the most popular brands, says Henry K. Hebeler, a 65-year-old Boeing executive … who has been testing many investing and retirement planning software packages for several years." Tom Herman

The Wall Street Journal, Why It Pays to Delay [Social Security]: "I think they’re making a mistake [taking social security early]," says Henry Hebeler, author of "J.K. Lasser’s Your Winning Retirement Plan" and founder of a Web site devoted to retirement issues, "When you talk to people who are in their 80s, they’d give anything to have a bigger Social Security check."" Jonathan Clements J.K. Lasser’s Your Winning Retirement Plan by Henry K. Hebeler: "Five Star Plus—Excellent for truth seeker…. This is not a book about the joys of golden years. His advice on how to set up an auto pilot regarding drawing down funds in retirement is worth the price of the book alone. . . Mr. Hebeler has a very heavy math background. This should not deter you. . . Mr. Hebeler takes the space and time to guide you." Reviewer: Donald Semenza

Financial Planning, Software Shelf-Help "‘I want to help people so that they do better and don’t mislead people,’ Hebeler says. Based on his ongoing review of approximately 50 seminars sponsored by financial planners, financial magazines, commercial programs and educational institutions, Hebeler has amassed a list of common planning faults that he says hurt retirees." Ellen Jovin

Journal American Papers, Just stay the course: As difficult as it is for us to address those financial issues that will impact us 10 or 20 years down the road, it is worth the effort, and a good place to start is to run some long-term projections using the wonderful resources found at retirement planning expert Henry Hebeler’s Web site" Bill Schultheis, author of The Coffeehouse Investor.

Newsweek, A former engineer breaks down all the math behind retirement planning.  [] includes free Excel spreadsheets, book suggestions, articles and a “tough love” approach to building post-job budgets—just the brutal facts.

Business Week,  Advice that couldn’t be simpler: Save.  Former Boeing president, Bud Hebeler aims to offer better financial advice than he got when he retired.

Money magazine, Retire rich:  learn from someone who did.  This former engineer and self-taught expert learned firsthand how to prosper after you leave your job.

Wall Street Journal, At age 73, Henry K. “Bud” Hebeler is spending the bulk of his retirement—as much as 12 hours a day, 6 days a week-- helping thousands of people with their retirement.  Mr. Hebeler, a former top executive at Boeing Co., is the developer of, widely regarded as one of the best websites about retirement finances.

Bottom Line Personal, “My favorite Web based retirement calculator is free at”  Jonathan Pond, 2/15/08.

Business Week, “Bud Hebeler.  Past.  Ran Boeing’s then-$3 billion aerospace unit in the early 1980s; retired in 1989 at age of 55.  Present.  Is a financial-planning proselytizer known for his no-nonsense style.  His Web site,, offers his planning software.”

USA Today financial journalist Matt Krantz, "Your website (and spreadsheets) are awesome." From a personal email asking to cite a program in his book, "Investing Online for Dummies."

Note: You can find page after page of references to Mr. Hebeler’s work by entering Henry Hebeler in a Web search engine such as Google.