Helpful Articles



These are articles that were written to help develop ideas for journalists that work for The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Kiplinger’s, Smart Money, AARP, newspapers, financial web sites, etc. They’ve been used as a source of quotes for these publications


How ‘gotta have it now’ can wreck your retirement


How much do I really need in my emergency fund?


What rationing and rabbits teach about saving.


Gotta Have it Now!  The financial differences between buying things on the spur of the moment with credit vs. saving before purchasing are enormous. With the former, we PAY interest. With the latter we EARN interest. Even if not on credit, if we have to stretch to buy something, it may not be long before we must buy things on credit.


Frugality is an important part of preparedness!  Unless some miracle comes in the economy, we are all going to have to economize.  This article gives some suggestions relating to budgets, taxes and reserves.


When Will Prosperity Come Again?  This article shows why the nation won't become prosperous again perhaps for decades, but thoughtful individual can do significantly better.


You can be the Joneses of the future.  Get some ideas how you and your family can save money from this extensive list of savings possibilities and examples


An 84 year old lady teaches us a financial lesson.  Here are some new twists on some old principles that can help us all in troubled economic times.


Keeping up with the Jones.  This is good advice about saving and credit that is largely geared to young people.


Brutal Facts of Retirement Budgeting.  This is a tough (retirement) love article that shows how to develop a retirement budget that accounts for inflation and replacement of high-value items. It includes some simple methods to greatly improve your financial future with some old-fashioned disciplines often neglected by professional planners.


Self Reliance.  There are many facets to the subject of being prepared for the future. Many are financial, but, of course, there are others too. This article brings up a check-list of different kinds of things to think about and possibly take action.

Spending Costs Savings.  When you spend money for something, you miss an opportunity to save. This illustrates the incredible difference spending a little bit now costs in terms of what you can spend later in life.


Are You Prepared to Retire?  Here are some things you should consider if you are within a few years of committing to retiring. Don’t pass this up if you are at that age.