Self Reliance

By Henry K. Hebeler 


Self reliance is a state of being prepared for the future and implies a capability to react to mitigate damage in adverse situations. This requires both the knowledge of appropriate actions as well as having the necessary resources.

There are many facets of self reliance. The ultimate is probably the spiritual aspect associated with death itself. We’re not going to go that far here, but we’re going to ask you to grade yourself in the following sixteen areas. If you know an area needs work, add it to the list that appears at the end of the questions.

1. Are you doing things to maintain good health?

2. Are you well on your way to be financially prepared for:

3. Do you have replacement reserves for:

4. Does your home have adequate protection from:

5. Do you have:

6. Are you prepared to react to emergencies?

7. Have you talked to your spouse about:

8. Have you talked to your family about:

9. Have you thought about survivors after your death?

10. Are you adequately insured?

11. Do you have a financial plan?

12. Is the wage earner of the family prepared to find other work quickly if job loss?

13. Do you have a community emergency plan?

14. Are you concerned with national security?

15. Are you concerned about the long-term environment for your family?


16. Is your family getting a financial education?

Perhaps not all of the above apply to your situation, but the majority of questions should. Check off those items above where you are already satisfied that you are prepared and doing the right kind of things. Then list the ones needing early attention below and your plan to make you truly self reliant.

Area needing attention:

My plan to improve my preparedness: