Errata and updates in Getting Started in A Financially Secure Retirement:


P.52, paragraph beginning Boeing’s efforts, last sentence: Delete and between the words space and arm.


P. 59, paragraph beginning A nonworking spouse, last sentence: Insert to between go and the SSA.


P. 106, row for age 75:  1.4 should be 13.5


P. 137, Heading at top of page: Lost-Cost should be Low-Cost.


P. 154, paragraph beginning Vanguard is one, first line: lost-cost should be low-cost.


p. 161, second paragraph: group individual bonds should be group of individual bonds.


P. 173, end of first paragraph:  Take out the period in front of


P. 201, step 2 in the table (Age you plan to retire):  50 should be 62.


P. 218: Lines 12 and 13 “annual payment” is the gross amount of Social Security benefit each spouse would have received if deductions were not made for Medicare and withholding.