Non-Computer, Pencil & Paper Planning

Pencil and Paper Retirement Planning is meant for people who would prefer to sit at a table with a hand calculator and do planning the old-fashioned way--with pencil and paper.

These pencil and paper planning methods are actually more comprehensive than most internet planning programs and, unlike them, have notes which help the user input the kind of values that lead to meaningful results.  Also, unlike the computer programs, when you update the plan next year, you can see on a side-by-side basis what your planning values were in previous years.  This can be very enlightening.


Calculate the best age to start Social Security with pencil and paper.


This easy-to-use calculation lets you compare retirement income if you start Social Security at different ages considering your current savings.


A pre-retirement financial plan without a computer. 


This is a quick way to determine how much you should be saving to achieve your retirement goals considering your current savings and alternative investment allocations.


A post retirement plan using pencil & Paper. 

This paper analysis gives you a spending budget that will last your retirement lifetime considering your savings, Social Security and pension.