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Emailed passwords are usually sent within 12 hours of order receipt from our mailing service at  CDs are mailed on Fridays. If you have an order problem, send email to We use PayPal to process credit cards, but you do not need a PayPal account to order.


Programs require that you have MS Excel 97 or newer or some open source products. If you can download any of the free programs, your computer will work.  Program prices are based on our out-of-pocket costs for licenses, web charges, etc.  We rely on volunteers and have no labor costs



Password for Convert an IRA to a Roth optional tab (Emailed).  `$9.00          




Password for Free Retirement Planner optional tab (Emailed).    `$10.00         




The Pre and Post Retirement Planner is a program for those who are serious about planning  for retirement and those already in retirement. It has provisions survivor benefits and for unique financial events that can occur in specific years as well as investment real estate. It can analyze complex situations and includes two programs running simultaneously to make comparisons of alternative approaches on a side by side basis. Also compares your scenarios with those who retired in good and bad times in the past.


You can download the program yourself and order the password below, or you can order it on a disk including all of the free programs and their optional tab passwords as well.  The price for the disk version includes shipping and handling charges.  Disk mailed to U.S. locations only.


Pre and Post Retirement Planner. (E-mailed password.)              $29.00            




Pre and Post Retirement Planner. (Disk with free programs)      $59.00            






Recommended retirement planning books:


J. K. Lassers Your Winning Retirement Plan. Business Week said one of the two best retirement financial books. It helps you understand and select investments, develop pre-retirement or post-retirement plans, and manage your resources. Referenced often in The Wall Street Journal.  This book is currently available from, other Web sites, and your local book store.


Getting Started In A Financially Secure Retirement. This newer book may be easier for many to use and, though less technical, adds more perspective and things to consider in planning. Its a big help to those who would rather do their own calculations instead of a computer program. It gets high praise from its users and often cited in Kiplingers publications, Money magazine and elsewhere.  This book is currently available from, other Web sites, and your local book store.


Money Back Guaranty Policy: CDs: The price is refundable if the disk is returned within 30 days from our postmark, and it is in condition good enough for resale. The postage & handling charge is not refundable. If we are out of stock, you will get back both the price and postage and handling charge as well if that was the only item you ordered. Emailed program passwords: The price is refundable if you reply within 30 days, explain the reasons and permanently delete the program from your computer. Send comments/questions to Prices subject to change.