I’ve been getting lots of Social Security questions again since the NY Times (7/11/09) published an extensive article by Tara Siegel Bernard with frequent references to www.analyzenow.com.  Here’s one from a teacher who is probably using a Blackberry to send the message.


Question:  “read an article in NY Times on retirement scenarios.  my wife and i are both 64.  because my wife is a teacher and has not paid enough , she will probably end up with no SS.  i am also a teacher, but will receive full SS, since i worked 23 years in a state that took SS out of paychecks.  any suggestions?  Bob”


Answer:  “Thanks for asking.  Your wife should wait till age 66 to start SS if possible.  Then she will get 50% of your SS.  You should wait at least that long and preferably up to 70 if you have sufficient savings.  She cannot draw until you have filed, but you can "file and suspend."  Hope this helps.  Bud”