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Health Insurance


Good health means more retirement money:


Looking for an alternative to long-term-care insurance?


Health Care Costs—A scary story.  Financial planners and Web based retirement programs usually mislead people by ignoring the real cost of retirement health care. This article shows both the possible magnitude as well as the uncertainty it causes with any projection of the future.


Want your teeth in retirement?  Dental costs are very high and hard on retirees. This article suggests ways that people can help protect themselves from catastrophic dental costs or dentures.


Saving Money and Pain with Health Insurance.  Here’s a great adjunct to your medical insurance even if you are not retired.


Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance?  Insurance companies are eager to sell long term care insurance, but you should be aware that there are alternatives that may either reduce the amount you would need or perhaps eliminate the need for this kind of insurance entirely.


Long-term-care insurance vs. alternatives.  Here we cover the uncertainty factors and alternative solutions.